iPAS2 Review – How it Can Make You Money

iPAS2 Review – How it Can Make You Money

iPAS2 and the done for you sales funnel provides professional coaches that help you sell your products and services!

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The Internet is an incredible place. A ton of wealth and money can be made with a good system. Ordinary people have become Internet Famous.

Living the Internet lifestyle is awesome. You can work from anywhere in the world: Singapore, Costa Rica or Australia and the list goes on…You can travel anywhere, anytime and have financial freedom. In fact you can earn income while you sleep!

Now there is a system that makes money with almost no effort from you. This system is automated, so you can bank the cash!

Many people think that making money online is a fantasy and that it is too good to be true and the experts “must know something.”

I’m here to tell you that it is possible and realistic.

Thousands of everyday people are using the power of the Internet to make a living and you can join them too!

Let’s face it: Making money on the Internet is hard if you are just starting out. If you go out alone, it could take years to build the required experience necessary to earn a sustainable income and most people quit!

iPAS2 takes the process to a new level as you’ll learn in this ipas2 review.

If you are interested in creating wealth and making money online, then read on. I will discuss how a complete newbie can make a killing with the right network and how you can access iPAS2.

The Power of iPAS2 and why you need to listen

When I first heard about iPAS2, I was skeptical. I have spent thousands on multiple online money making systems.

Most of them didn’t work and were full of empty promises.

iPAS2 is different.

It is truly an incredible way for people to make money using a proven system!

Here is a brief history of the system:

iPAS2 was provided to a select group of individuals. Some of the individuals were top marketers and some were complete beginners.

After a beta test of both groups, they reported incredible results. Some individuals reported making up to $5K in a single day.

The newbies that had failed to make money online and that were struggling for years were finding consistent success.

iPAS2 has been in the works and tweaked for over three years and will be launching very soon to the public.

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You can be among the first group of people to experience this incredible system by clicking here.

iPAS2 provides professional coaches that help you sell your products and services and you don’t have to pay them.

The system provides high volume traffic resources that will drive traffic to your web site without you having to master SEO!

iPAS2 also provides advanced analytics so you can see what works and what doesn’t in your sales funnel and easy to make adjustments.

It provides you with daily and new member training. Knowledgeable professionals will teach you how to you how to use the system.

You don’t have to worry about being in the dark in regards to knowing how to use and create income with this system. I know we have all been there!

For even more help, iPAS2 includes more free resources to help you!

iPAS2 provides a support community that will link up successful users with you to help you succeed with the system.

Once you learn the system, you can set it on autopilot and reap the rewards and get the financial freedom you deserve.

Using this system can be truly life-changing.

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You have the ability to generate more leads and earn more money at your disposal and live your live on your terms if you take consistent action.

Note: I said consistent action which means requires some work on your part but once you get the ball rolling you will be amazed!

You will be able to enjoy your life and utilize leverage, technology and the power of the Internet to grow your business to levels beyond your imagination.

iPAS2 Review Summary:

-Dashboard with all the tracking you need from traffic

-Multiple traffic sources that are “Done 4 U”

-Time tested sales offer that is converting like crazy

-Trip wire offer (low ticket product to get in your funnel)

-Upsell offer that has proven to be successful

-Profit maximizer that allows clients to increase success

-Coaches, trainers and telephone sales teams

-Business in a box

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iPAS2 has different memberships levels. The memberships are based on what products you own in Empower Network:

iPAS2 Levels

Here is a breakdown of the three iPAS2 levels of membership:

iPAS2 Review – Silver Membership


-Empower Network Viral Blog

-Empower Network Viral Blogging Academy

-Ability to earn $225 + $25 per month from Profit Maximizers

-iPAS2 Mastery Coaching Course Training

-Live daily webinars from six and seven figure earners

-Live telephone and online chat support

-30% commissions on iPAS2 Trip Wire, Core Offer and Upsell

Total Value = $1,512

iPAS2 Silver Membership is $322

$25 per month: Viral Blog

$297 (One Time Fee): Viral Blogging Academy

After you purchase the above two items, your iPAS2 Silver account will be unlocked and you will be able to earn $225 from your profit maximizers.

iPAS2 Review – Gold Membership


-Access to Traffic Training and Resources: Ability to get the exact same traffic sources the iPAS2 team has been using during their testing phase ($2,999 Value)

-Ability to earn an additional $1,600 per customer: At the Gold level you will earn four times more than the Silver level ($1,600 Value)

-iPAS2 Mastery Coaching Course-Advanced Training: Video course on exactly how to drive hungry buyers to your web site ($99 value)

-50% commissions on iPAS2 Trip Wire, Core Offer and Upsell: The Gold level increases your front end commissions from 30% to 50% ($347 Value)

Total Value = $4,946

iPAS2 Gold Membership is $1,600

$100 per month: Inner Circle membership

$500 (One Time Fee): High Ticket Academy

$1,000 (One Time Fee): $15K Formula

After you purchase the above three items, your iPAS2 Gold account will be unlocked and you will be able to earn $1,822 from your profit maximizers

iPAS2 Review – Black Membership


You will get all the benefits of the Silver and Gold and much more:

-One-to-one business coach assigned to all of your new team members: If you sign someone up, they get a business coach and you get a business coach! This is priceless having someone to turn to when you get stuck. In addition, you will have me as a coach ($6,000 Value)

-Black Membership Card VIP Access: As a Black level member, you will get a physical black card in the mail to attend live events, dinners, entertainment events, private masterminds and discounts on other iPAS2 product releases ($1,499 Value)

-$3,000 extra per customer from profit maximizers: As a Black level member you will have the ability to earn $3,000 extra from anyone who also becomes a black level member. This is huge as I have lost out on commissions in the past because I waited to upgrade ($3,000 Value)

-iPAS2 Mastery Coaching Course-Expert Training: Trainings from seven figure earners on traffic and marketing strategies. This training is awesome and works. I have paid over $5K alone from one of the best in the industry ($2,947 value)

-70% commissions on iPAS2 Trip Wire, Core Offer and Upsell: The Black level increases your front end commissions to 70% ($547 Value)

Total Value = $13,993

$3,500 (One Time Fee): Masters Course
Pays $3,000 commission to affiliate

$97 Per Month: Black Membership (Includes a professional success coach)
$39.95 Per Month: Black Membership (If you want to do your own coaching)

After you purchase the above two items, your iPAS2 Black account will be unlocked and you will be able to earn $3,000 from your profit maximizers

Note: You do not need to pay $39.95 or $97 until iPAS2 launches.

Login to your Empower Network Account and follow the steps below:

Claim you Free Spot before it Costs $147


If you have any questions pertaining to iPAS2, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Additionally, check out my step-by-step blueprint that is crushing it online!

Your Passive Income Expert Coach,

Michael Banh



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